Ways to Boost Performance with Reviews.

Make Customer Feedback Drive Action

Customer reviews are a powerhouse of business information, and if you use them right, they can be a significant driver for new business, customer satisfaction, and community trust. Develop a system that not only mines customer review information for your KPI dashboard, but that also drives action in your company to accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking (With Reviews?!)

Customer reviews have a significant impact on your search engine ranking, especially for local searches. You spend a ton of time researching keywords, creating content, and advertising to boost your rank. Don’t overlook this less obvious factor.

First, you have to know they’re there. You can set up alerts with a service like Google Alerts so that you don’t miss them. Someone on your team should be constantly monitoring talk about your company online. Be sure they’re cataloging reviews and passing out kudos for things going well. Also, be sure that they’re assigning responsibility for addressing issues.

Bad Reviews Are Action Items

Bad reviews happen, how you react to them will help to define your success. Even in great reviews, you’ll see phrases like “the only thing keeping this from a five star.” Your responsibility to your customers, and to your business it to be sure that you are not only listening to negative feedback, but you’re figuring out how to act on it.

In the short term, acting on a negative review may cause the reviewer to change it. A comment on a bad review that indicates that the customer was contacted, the issue resolved, and the customer was satisfied is sometimes worth more than a boatload of 5-star reviews.

Great customer service is still a value-add, and it’s much less common than it used to be. Especially in the product arena where imports are now happening without much of an on-shore presence in the target market – knowing that someone cares enough about a business and product to address issues pro-actively can be a deciding factor for customers considering your product.

Beyond customer service, constructive feedback may also help you to identify and address other business issues when they first emerge. Pay attention, hold someone in your organization accountable for investigating feedback, and follow up.

Show, Don’t Tell: Customer Service

Your ability to inspire great reviews and recognize, analyze, and respond to negative reviews will be a defining factor in gaining community trust. Consumers used to talk to friends and family if they wanted recommendations on products and services. Now, we look online. Companies have more power than ever to affect their reputation online. Use this power wisely, and create a community that loves and recommends your product and your business.

Use Your Reviews Wisely

Customer reviews are a significant factor in the success of your company. They affect your search engine ranking, provide you with valuable and often actionable business intelligence, and they affect your current and prospective customer’s opinions of your product, service, and company. They give you great power... but with that power comes great responsibility – use it wisely.