How To Ask For Reviews

“Over 50% of consumers frequently factor in online reviews before buying a product.”

Trying to get others’ opinions may seem like a daunting task at times. But all that is needed is preparing and having the correct mindset. First, monitor and record how many reviews you have. Then, evaluate how many customers are participating in your current review programs and surveys. “The most influential aspect of your platform to consider when looking to increase participation rate is convenience.  The average consumer is on a tight schedule, and there is usually not an extra 25-30 minutes they are willing to give to a complete a survey.”  Because of this, your company’s survey should focus on receiving feedback in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

According to the Customer Experience Impact Report, a negative customer experience is the reason eighty-six percent of consumers cease doing business with a company.

Lee Resources reports that unhappy customers are ninety-one percent likely to not give their money to a particular business. Lastly, Zendesk Customer Service Study states that good client experiences lead to over forty percent of those clients purchasing again through the same company.

Use Email

One technique to use when asking for reviews is asking via email.  Perfecting the subject lines in your emails will prove to be both practical and profitable.  Most often, people open an email based upon their preconceived notions of the sender, coupled with the content of the subject line.  Something short yet piercing should do the trick. Additionally, you can ask loyal customers to give feedback online by offering incentives upon checkout.

Stay Focused

A single horrible review can cripple business in a particular niche or community.  The manner in which your team responds to such reviews will dictate much of your business’ public persona and image.  By focusing on soaring participation, high completion rates, and fantastic responses, your business can bring about unique, fresh triumphs.