How Reviews Can Lead to Higher Customer Satisfaction

Consumers that see excellent reviews are 31% more likely to do business with you.

The modern era allows customers to interact and share like never before. Customer feedback is an integral part of the overall attitude towards your services. Positive reviews increase the likelihood of new consumers trying your product. They also build trust within the community. Positive reviews will be your most valuable asset online.

Understand The Data

According to Shane Green, CEO of Personal, “[consumers] need to understand why data’s needed, how it’s being used.”  Being straightforward when gauging customer satisfaction through reviews is vital.  Be honest about why you are asking for reviews.  Customers are more likely to give feedback when you are transparent.  Many third-party apps and websites host transparent ways for people to chime in regarding local businesses (Yelp, Facebook, etc.).

Solve The Problems

Negative reviews can be damaging in the short-term. However, minimizing the long-term effects will save you more down the line.  Fix any issues that negative reviewers bring up. Other customers will see that you responded to feedback. When they do, they will be more willing to create a dialogue with you.  Adjust your business practices to meet the needs of your customers. It’s the reason you're collecting reviews in the first place!

When customers return and see improvements within your business, they will be much more likely to leave a positive review.  Similar experiences can leave returning customers feeling apathetic and indifferent after awhile. Most reviews will be left immediately after their first visit. However, don’t forget to cater to those most loyal in order to foster positive reviews with more credibility.

Incentivize Your Customers

Keep in mind that you should strive to employ reviews in different spaces and markets.  Create incentives for those to come and review your services, and ask the right questions.  Get the most precious and valuable data as possible. Take a hard look at where your business is struggling and seek out the answers to the dilemmas that come along with such areas.