How Getting More Reviews Makes You the Best

Customers have grown weary of business advertising and marketing strategies. However, they trust their peers. Customers who have a great experience are also more likely to recommend a business to their friends. Reviews and testimonials from customers are objective and tangible messages positioning your company as providing the best products or services.

How to Maximize the Number of Reviews You Get

To get reviews, you need to ask. Customers love to share their experiences but need to be prompted to offer reviews. Some ways you can solicit reviews:
Customer satisfaction surveys

Provide incentives in exchange for a review

Be present on third-party review sites such as Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, etc.
Provide links to review sites to make it easy for customers to provide reviews.
Share reviews on your website and social media channels
Ask at the right time – after a purchase or when they refer a customer

Being Transparent and Listening to your Customers

By sharing customer reviews, you are positioning your business as trustworthy and authentic. To demonstrate your transparency, respond to all reviews – positive or negative. By responding, you are showing customers you value their opinions. You may be responding to the one review, but you are also responding to thousands of prospective customers.

Making Change to Become the Best

Being the best requires a change in how you approach your business. Customers today are demanding trust and authenticity from businesses. The best path to becoming the best is to offer a great product and customer experience. However, you also need to show customers they can trust you.


Customer reviews are an important factor in purchase decisions and they are also one of the most important factors in making your company the best. The easiest way to get positive reviews is to provide an outstanding customer experience.