How Feedback and Reviews Can Help Bring a Team Together

When you get customer feedback, do you share with your entire team? If not, you may be missing an opportunity to bring your team together. Customer feedback can boost morale and motivate team members.

Knowing What Questions to Ask

Customer feedback is a powerful tool for changing team attitudes and actions. However, the feedback needs to be relevant to the team. When seeking feedback from customers, ask questions relevant to the team’s goals.

Setting Team Goals

The main objective of gathering employee feedback is to learn from it. Feedback can help set goals and objectives for the team by revealing what customers want most. Customer feedback is also a good benchmark in determining whether the team is meeting their goals. If customers mention they find the website hard to navigate, one of the team’s objectives could be to improve the website’s usability.

Affecting Change in Team Dynamics

Customer feedback will have a lasting impact on team dynamics. The feedback will help team members become more invested in the team’s success. Without customer feedback, some team members may not think they are contributing to the team. Customer feedback shows them their hard work is contributing to the customer experience.


Providing team members with direct feedback from customers is a great way to keep employees engage in the team and reinforce company culture. When team members know how they are doing and how customers view their work, they are more likely to perform at a high level.