How Customer Feedback Can Mold a Company Culture

While companies often focus on building a positive workplace culture for employees, they don’t consider if the culture aligns with delivering an effective customer experience. A company culture will be successful if the core values include both employees and customers. Customer feedback can help you ensure your company culture is customer-focused.

Ask the right questions

Customers love to speak about their experiences but usually you will only hear from them if they had a very good experience or a very bad experience. To ensure the feedback customers provide can help in shaping your company culture, you need to ask for it directly. Before collecting customer feedback, clearly define what you’re hoping to find out from the feedback. Asking the right questions can help you learn what you are doing well and what you need to improve. Avoid “yes” or “no” questions and instead phrase the questions to glean valuable information. You may need to prompt customers. Ask what they liked about their customer service experience or how the experience could have been better.

Parsing through Viable Feedback

Reviewing the feedback is important to engage employees in providing a superior customer experience. If they are able to hear from the customer, they will share in the success and look for ways to improve their efforts. While positive feedback is important, negative feedback can be even more valuable. Discuss negative feedback with your employees and brainstorm ways to improve the customer experience and avoid this feedback in the future.

Implement Needed Changes

When getting ready to implement the feedback into your customer experience, you should divide the changes into several categories:

  • Immediate adjustments
  • Actions over the next year
  • Long-term suggestions

When you have made a customer driven change, inform customers who were part of the feedback process about the change. It will let customers know you listened to their ideas and will encourage them to provide feedback in the future. You should track the results of the change to ensure it is meeting customer needs.

You many also want to incorporate the customer feedback into employee performance reviews. Employees will monitor feedback and work hard to improve the feedback.


When customers are happy with their experience, they will become a repeat customer and will refer others to you. By using customer feedback to mold your corporate culture, you will ensure customers are provided with a great customer experience. Company culture should be transparent to customers; they should only see the results.